Corpus Cristi
Corpus Cristi (Body of Christ) is a Christian Festival honouring the Eucharist. It is a Catholic celebration and is traditionally celebrated on the Thursday following Trinity Sunday. The date for celebration is not fixed. It varies according to the date of Easter.
The most common way of celebrating Corpus Cristi is a procession through cities and towns. But each town has it's own traditions that accompany the procession.
Here in Oliva the procession includes children playing music and dancing, Capgrossos (big heads), dancing round Maypole and the "momos' which are a group of seven demons and they are the symbols of sins. They dance around a lady in white called "La Moma" and she is the symbol of virtue. The parade also has those children who have made their First Communion.
The Corpus Cristi procession may not be as big as the ones in the big cities, but it is a lovely parade to watch.

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