March 15-19, 2016
The Fallas is a traditional celebration held in commemorations of Saint Joseph, throughout the Valencian province. The term Fallas refers to both the celebration and the giant papier mache sculptures/caricatures depicting politicians, sports personnel, film characters etc. These are usually humorous and always spectacular. This amazing, five day, festival climaxes with a dramatic 'Crema', an incredible burning of all the Falles.
Although there is no certainty about the origins of the Fallas it is known that, in the past, there was an ancient ritual celebrated the night before St. Joseph's Day in which big bonfires were lit. This ritual was called "Fallas", and it's obviously a clear precedent of the current festivities. Although this ritual has been carried out for many 100's of years it wasn't until 1740 that the people of Valencia started creating satirical monuments. They exhibited throughout the streets and then burnt them in numerous bonfires they had made that night. This was the first edition of a tradition that has survived the centuries and that has been perfected throughout the ages.
During the course of the five day Fiesta there are daytime and evening fireworks
Processions of Bands and Falleras
One of the incredible artists
To preserve and perfect this tradition, many ideas were suggested and carried out, one of them being awards given to the best Fallas. The characteristics of Fallas have been changing especially because the artistic aspect of the figures are becoming more and more important. However, the irony and social criticism have been preserved.
All of these wonderful creations are burnt on the last day of the Fallas

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