Around the 3rd week of July
The festival of Moors and Christians dates back to the 16th century. It commemorates the confrontation that took place between the Moorish and Christians soldiers in the 13th century over the rule of Spain. It was thanks to St. George's (San Jorge) sudden and unexpected intervention, victory went to the Christians in spite of their being outnumbered by the Moors.
The start of the festivities is truly spectacular and worth seeing with the arrival of both armies in the town. There are parades made up from the various groups who make up the Moors and Christian factions to the accompaniment of the local bands.

2017 Moros y Cristianos Schedule (dates & schedule to be confirmed)

July 14

Children's fair, animations, costumes, warpaint and story-telling at the Parc de l'Estació, on the main Paseo
Around 23:00 hrs is the Presentation of the captains, ambassadors and flag bearers at the Parc de l'Estació, on the main Paseo. Followed by a firework display.

July 20

Around 20:00 hrs is the Pregón Festero (Call to the Fiesta) from the balcony of the Town Hall followed by cannon shots and musical parades from the Town Hall square to the Parc de l'Estació in front of the mock castle followed by fireworks and mascletá, and ends with 'Informal' entrada of the Moors and Christians.

July 21

08:00hrs Awakening with band music and cannon shots in front of the castle and then parading around various streets in the town. Followed by a Spectacular entry of the Christian troops.

July 22

00:30hrs Party on Pau Pi beach until the arrival of the Moors.
05:45hrs Disembarking of the Moorish troops on the beach, firework display and cannon-shots. Moorish captain addresses his troops and a 'spy', or estafeta, tips off the Christian army of their arrival. Mock battle on the beach
19:30hrs Spectacular entry of the Moorish troops. Official opening then parade of flag-carriers from the fiesta association. Fiesta continues until the early hours on the streets.

July 23

Noon All filadas (troops) visit each others casales (tented headquarters) accompanied by musical bands. In the evening there is a Children's parade along Calle Loygorri, Paseo Joan Carles I, Paseo Lluís Vives and ending in front of the Merkat Municipa. The Reconquest parade starts from Paseo del Rei Jaune I to the castle. Followed by the Reconquest of the castle by the Christians. The Christian captain leads his troops and features the estafeta, into a mock battle with the Moors who are hiding in the castle.
Around midnight is a huge firework display to mark the end of the fiesta.

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